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Career Development: Evidencing Your Skills

Files Included in this Resource:

Video recording of the speakers presentation: Identify Your Skills

What Employers Want

The Importance of Language and terminology

Resource Description:

The video's and powerpoint presentation file in this resource are taken from a career development seminar for Research Active Staff on the subject of 'evidencing your skills'.

The discussions concentrated on three key aspects of evidencing your skills successfully in job applications/CV's:

  • Identifying your skills (video running time approx. 65 minutes)
  • What employers want (video running time approx. 22 minutes)
  • The importance of using the appropriate language/terminology for the role/field of employment you are considering (video running time approx. 18 minutes).


Further Details:

The powerpoint presentation accompanying the talk (Powerpoint Presentation)


The seminar was led by Helen Stringer, Careers Services Manager

Date: 30th January 2014

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