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Research Active Staff (RAS): Leadership - Leadership in Action - Resource Bank Page

Useful Resouces:

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Resource Description:

Workshop Events Webpage
For the date of the next workshop and to book a place see the workshop link above and complete the nomination form

This workshop enables Research Active Staff to explore & develop their leadership skills. Delegates have the opportunity to look at relevant theory, practice their unique leadership styles, receive coaching & feedback and share practice. The focus is on you, your development and developing your skills.

The Programme will consist of two workshop sessions:

Day 1
Leading in a Meeting
Leading Strategy
Leading from a Distance

Day 2
Leading in a Crisis
Leading to Get Results
Leading Multi-tasks


Leadership in Action Programme - Day 1, 25 February 2019: Presentation by Sandy Sparks (Organisational Development Consultant, Research Active Staff, Organisational Development).

Leadership in Action Programme - Day 2, 4 March 2019: Presentation by Sandy Sparks (Organisational Development Consultant, Research Active Staff, Organisational Development).


Dates of Previous Workshops:

25 February and 4 March 2019
5 and 12 February 2018
8 and 15 November 2017
27 February, 6 and 13 March 2017
16 and 23 November 2015

Feedback from previous 'Leadership in Action' programmes:

Feedback from February 2019 Cohort, including responses from
Organisational Development.

Feedback from February 2018 cohort, including responses from LDC

'Reasons for Attending'  

'Reasons for Attending' from the February/March 2019 cohort

Feedback from the 'Leadership Follow-up' workshop:

Feedback from the Leadership follow up workshop on 13 June 2018

Other programmes in the Leadership series:

Leadership Follow-up workshop - 6 June 2019

Preparing for Leadership
Next date to be announced - likely to be Autumn term 2019

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