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Planning Your Publication Strategy: The Essentials


Powerpoint Presentation:
Planning Your Publication Strategy - The Essentials(PDF Document)
Presentation by Yvonne Budden, Head of Scholarly Communications, The Library
15 March 2017

Useful Links

Journal Citation Reports (subscription service to the library link will log you in automatically).


Endnote Web instructions for matching an abstract to a journal, (Elsevier also has a similar service BUT only matches you with Elsevier journals).

The team looking to spread the word about Warwick research on the media is the 'Press and Media Relations' team, who recently moved out of Communications and into the University Executive Office.

Warwick Ventures are a team that can assist with making industry contact/contracts

Resource Description:

(A collaboration with the Library, Student Careers and Skills and The Learning and Development Centre, Research Active Staff (RAS)

What is involved in the publication process? This workshop introduces the essential things to consider when planning to publish your research: why you might want to publish, what to consider when deciding where to publish, how to promote your published work, open access and more.


Workshop Details:

Workshop Webpage

Date of Next Workshop: To be announced

Date of last Workshop: 23 November 2018




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