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Sim-Uni Report(PDF Document)
Report by Sandy Sparks, Learning and Development Consultant, Learning and Development Centre, University of Warwick
May 2017


Sim-Uni Brief(PDF Document)


Resource Description:

Universities employee 1000s of people in 100s of different job roles and juggle millions of pounds of income and costs. These huge organisations deal with different and sometimes competing priorities such as student experience, teaching & learning and research.

This workshop takes you on a journey to discover the big picture about running a successful University – giving you an experience of strategic decision making, problem solving and collaboration.

In this workshop you will work in a team to run a virtual university where you have to negotiate, work together and think strategically. You will be divided into teams that take on different roles in the game, i.e. different functions of a university: research, teaching, admin and support. Working together with common purpose you will need to work out how to successfully integrate of the different functions of a university – to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Ultimately you and your team mates will use (and hone) all your skills in collaboration, influencing, decision making, effective communication & negotiation, problem solving, strategic thinking, behavioural dynamics and team working to make the virtual university a success…. or….


Workshop Information

Sim-Uni web page 
Date of Next workshop -
to be announced 2017/18

Date of Last workshop -
Thursday 16 March 2017 for Campus and Commercial Services Group (CCSG)

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