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The Pilot Statistics Seminar Series

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Case Study

case study

Resource Description:

This project was developed in response to requests from all levels of Research Active Staff for statistical support, ranging from researchers with specific technical queries to those who would like to experiment with research data but don’t know where to begin.
Simon French has been involved in the pilot Statistics Seminar Series from its outset in the summer of 2012. His planning and delivery of the programme of events has been invaluable and this case study highlights the key areas of the pilot series and considerations in the further development of statistics support for research active staff at Warwick.


Further Details: The Statistics Seminar Series website includes resources/videos from previous seminars, upcoming events and information on 1-1 support available for research active staff.

Source/Funding: EPSRC funding supported the pilot series.
Written by Professor Simon French (Director of RISCU)

Date: April 2013

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