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Statistics Case Study: 1-1 Support

Files Included in this Resource:

Video recording of the speakers presentation


Resource Description:

This discussion of a case study is taken from a statistics seminar on 'embedding statistics effectively in research'. Andrew Mead and Carol Hawley gave their perspectivd on the benefit of 1-1 support aiding article writing/acceptance to incorporate statsitcs effectively - in the face of negative comments from a journal reviewer.

The video has a run time of 18 minutes.


Further Details: Other talks from this seminar -

Project planning to include statistics effectively.

A case study on funding application submissions, involving statistics.

The powerpoint presentation accompanying this talk (Powerpoint Presentation)

Further talks from the Statistics Seminar Series can be found in the Resource Bank.

Source/Funding: Andrew Mead and Carol Hawley

Date: 16 January 2014

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