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Statistics Seminar 7: Regression Modelling, Variable Selection and GLMs

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Video recording of the speakers presentation

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This session introduces a range of classical statistical modelling approaches, starting with simple linear regression (SLR) and considering standard extensions to cope with multiple variables (both qualitative and quantitative, including polynomial responses) before considering potentially more useful models based onnon-linear functions. The session finished with an introduction to Generalised Linear Models, providing an alternative to data transformation where
data do not satisfy the standard assumptions of Normality and homogeneity of variance.


Further Details: Further talks and resources in the Statistics Seminar Series can be found in the Resource Bank, or visit the Statistics Seminar Series webpages. 

The seminar presentation file accompanying this talk  (Powerpoint Presentation)

You may also find the university's website on 'Using Statistical Regression Methods in Education Research' useful.

Source/Funding: The seminar talk was given by Andrew Mead, Teaching Fellow in Life Sciences

Date: 16/05/2013

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