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Statistics Seminar 8: Survey Examples

Files Included in this Resource:

Video recording of the speakers presentation


Resource Description:

This discussion of 3 survey examples found in journals follows the main seminar talk on the development of a questionnaire, the choice of appropriate questions and data analysis.


Further Details:

Powerpoint presentation (Powerpoint Presentation) accompanying the seminar talk.

The main seminar talk on Survey Design and Analysis can be found in the Resource Bank at:

This talk was given by Maureen Meadows from the Open University

Date: 06/06/2013

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Articles used in these examples:

Lee, C., Huang, S.Y., Barnes, F.B. and Kao, L. (2010), 'Business Performance and Customer Relationship Management: the effect of IT, organisational contingency and busiess process on Taiwanese manufacturers', Total Quality Management, 21:1, 43-65.

Truong, Y., Simmons, G., McColl, R. and Kitchen, P.J. (2008), 'Status and Conspicuousness - Are they related? Strategic Marketing Implications for Luxury Brands', Journal of Strategic Marketing, 16:3 189-203.

Slater, S.F. and Olson, E.M. (2001), 'Marketing's contribution to the implementation of business strategy: an empirical analysis', Strategic Management Journal, 22, 1055-1067.

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