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Statistics Seminar 5: Exploratory Data analysis & Multivariate Strategies

Video recording of the speakers presentation

Session Description

This seminar initially focused on the importance of using Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) techniques to look at any data set before embarking on any more formal analysis. We considered the value of using some of these EDA techniques to present both data and the results of analyses in a simple and informative way. Finally, a brief introduction to the world of multivariate statistics was provided, identifying the kinds of problems for which multivariate methods are useful, and describing the aims associated with a range of common multivariate methods.


Seminar Session Resources:

Simon French - powerpoint presentation (Powerpoint Presentation)

Andrew Mead - powerpoint presentation (Powerpoint Presentation)


Further Details

Date: 10th January 2013.

Speaker: An introduction from Simon French (Director of RISCU), follwed by the main talk from andrew Mead (Life Sciences).

Keywords: Statistics, Researcher

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Suggested References & Further Resources:


A.S. Ehrenberg (1986b), "Reading a Table: an Example," Applied Statistics, 35 (3), 237-44 * highly recommended *

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J. W. Tukey (1977). Exploratory Data Analysis. Edn., Addison-Wesley.

The exploratory data analysis chapter in most statistics texts would be useful starting points.