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Women in Science and the Media: Event Report by Jasmine Harvey

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Event Report

event report

Resource Description:

This event focused on the development of communication skills, networking and impact for female postdoctoral researchers. The attached report was written by Jasmine Harvey, highlighting what was learned and the potential on their future career.

“The key thing I learned … was to think about the wider and different audiences (not just my peers) when communicating my research, by clearly stating why my research is relevant and interesting in short sentences. Since coming back, I have taken steps to write and speak with fewer jargons and hope to be writing press releases for my research findings soon.”


Further Details:

An example of the development and impact opportunities that
researcher-focused activities can offer.

Source/Funding: LDC bursary from EPSRC Delivering Impact and Developing Leaders Funding.

Written by Jasmine Harvey.

Date: January 2013

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