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What is Impact? Science research with its gloves off!

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Vox-pop interviews and presentations from keynote speakers can be found on the event website:

What is impact


Resource Description:

This one day event explored what Research Councils mean when they discuss impact and how this can be implemented into research.

Impact is a necessary concept to consider for all grant applications and for reporting successful grant outcomes. Impact can be in all shapes and sizes and the event demonstrated and discussed innovative ways to achieve ‘Impact’.

Four sessions involving speakers from six University of Warwick departments discussed a number of ways that researchers can have impact. Videos of the University of Warwick’s research that indicated Impact were shown during the lunch break.



The WMG Researchers Board organised the event as part of their networking activities, with support from LDC's EPSRC Netowrk funding.

Date: The event took place on 25th March 2013

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