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Applying the Kolb's Cycle to Your Teaching

So according to Kolb, for effective learning to take place students need to be encouraged to engage with all four stages of the cycle. Our job as teachers is to support this process.

Below is a list of learning activities for students. (You will probably be able to add to this list.)

• Student presentations
• Case studies/illustrations/examples
• Models/simulations
• Pre-readings
• Tutor-led discussions
• Student-led discussions
• Multimedia (images, video, audio)
• Practical experiments/fieldwork

• Brainstorming
• Debates
• Buzz groups
• Syndicates
• Poster tours
• Role Plays
• Quizzes
• Journals/blogs

Thinking about your teaching practice

Using Kolb’s Learning Cycle in your reflective practice

Your Next Steps

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