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Warwick Education Conference 2018 - Submit proposal

Thank you for your interest in the Warwick Education Conference 2018. Please complete the sections below. We hope to be able to confirm whether your proposal has been accepted by 9 April 2018.

Main presenter

Please include details of the main presenter. Please note that all correspondence will be sent to the main presenter who is responsible for communicating with and coordinating all co-presenters.


Additional presenters

Please add details of all additional presenters, including full name, department and role (e.g. student, teaching fellow, postgraduate teacher).




Help me write my proposal

If you would like to take part but unsure how to frame your contribution as a proposal please offer brief details in the open text box below and we will be in touch.

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Privacy statement
The information on this form will be used in the organisation of the Warwick Education Conference 2018. The information provided will be shared with Conference organisers, reviewers and used within the conference programme and on the conference website.
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