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Publishing World-Changing Research

Publishing world-changing research in elite journals and books: A tough challenge, but there are practical tips

Over the next 50 years, there will be increasing emphasis on young researchers to publish truly original ideas in elite journals and book series. The rewards to outstanding research performance are likely to go up and up. Warwick University, for example, is under pressure in world league tables to get more papers in journals like Nature, Science, PNAS, and the equivalent.

This advice workshop is designed for young Warwick faculty members from any discipline.

Four senior professors from the University, who’ve published important work in some of the world’s most selective journals and book series, will talk about their experiences, give tips, and be available for advice. Each will talk for just a few minutes. Most of the session will be open discussion time from the floor.


Date Time Venue  

Thursday 6th May 2014

10:00am -11.30am

Room 3, Research Exchange
  • Rebecca Earle, History and Comparative American Studies
  • Graham Medley, Life Sciences and Mathematics
  • Andrew Oswald, Economics and Behavioural science
  • Pat Unwin, Chemistry

[Graham Medley and Andrew Oswald are members of the board of reviewing editors of the journal Science, so may be able to give specific view on that kind of journal]

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