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Role of the Personal Tutor Booking Form

For academic staff who will undertake the role of a personal tutor. The workshop is mandatory for academic staff on probation.

What will you get out of this session:

By the end of the session you will have an understanding of:

• have gained a greater understanding of the role and responsibilities of a personal tutor
• understand how to set boundaries and when to refer students to other support that is available in the university

Please Note: if you have attended, or are intending to take part in, the APP:TE pathway this workshop is built into the Mandatory 2 day Residential workshop, you do not have to attend this separate workshop.

Booking Form

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Please note: With the cessation of the PCAPP course these sessions are no longer taking place as standalone workshops. If you require a specific individual workshop to cover your probation then you will be invited to join the relevant part of the APP:TE residential course. You will not be required to attend the entire 2 day event only the section relevant to your probationary needs.

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