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Annual Report Forms

Each year during their period of registration, postgraduate research students at the University are required to submit a report on their progress to the Graduate School (students in extension or examination are exempt from this requirement). Completion and submission of an annual report is also a requirement set by research councils.

The Graduate School recognises the importance of having a direct feedback mechanism with research students, providing them with an opportunity to record their student experience and progress independently from their department. It also serves as an annual reminder that the Graduate School is there to help students with any problems they may be experiencing, whether of personal, medical, supervisory or other nature. It is vitally important that, as a supervisor, you fully engage with this process and enable students to complete their report forms successfully.

Annual report forms are structured as follows:

Part 1

To be completed by the student: Students are invited to comment on their progress to-date, any circumstances that might delay submission of their thesis, professional and research development-training opportunities, and engagement with careers support and/or the Warwick Portfolio.

To be completed by the supervisor: Supervisors are invited to review student’s responses in Section 1 of Part 1 and then provide their views on the need for a project ethical scrutiny and approval, need for specific skills training, their view on the student’s self-assessment, and any other comments. You will be notified via email when a form is ready for you to complete.

Part 2

To be completed by the student. This section is confidential, subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act, and is submitted by the student directly to the Graduate School; it asks questions about the student’s supervisory experience, including number of meetings and quality of feedback provided.

In order to complete the supervisor’s section of the report form, all supervisors must register for eVision access. This involves filling out a short form and only needs to be done once. For access to e-Vision, please complete the eVision Application Form and return it to Sarah Wood in the Academic Registrar's Office.2

Once permission has been granted you can access e-Vision here. Alternatively, you can access it via start.warwick; go to the ‘Warwick Admin Systems’ gadget (you may need to add this) and choose the link to ‘Student Records online’.

A list of FAQs about annual report forms for students and supervisors can be found on the Graduate School webpages. If you have any other questions on this subject, or problems with completing the forms, please contact