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PGR Scholarships

PGR central competition

Each year the Graduate School coordinates a central competition for postgraduate research scholarships. The competition awards a number of scholarships, including Chancellor’s International Scholarship. Details of exactly which scholarships and how many there are to be awarded each year can be found on this webpage.

To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must complete a scholarships application form, which would ordinarily be via their PG admissions application. The competition is open from August of each year. Detailed information about the competition, including the deadline for applications, scoring criteria and full details how to apply for the scholarships can be found on this webpage.

Departments are responsible for nominating applicants to be considered for a scholarship, further information for staff can be found here.

Research Councils

The University receives funding from all the Research Councils, and has varying levels of involvement with the allocation of awards. Please email the graduateschool at warwick dot ac dot uk who will be able to offer advice on procedures for various awards or who to contact for further information. Information can also be found on the following webpages about a number of Research Council awards here.



The Research Councils Strategy Unit (RCUK) set the fee and stipend rate each year for all the Research Councils. The levels for the current academic year can be found on this webpage.


Eligibility is a rather complex issue for research council funding. Ordinarily, all the Research Council studentships require the students to meet UK residency requirements for a full fees and stipend studentship award, all EU students are eligible for a fees only award and EU students who meet the residency requirements may also be entitled to a full fees and stipend award. Further information can be found here.

Warwick Collaborative Postgraduate Research Scholarships (WCPRS)

The WCPRS scheme has been running for a number of years and matches philanthropic and industry funding towards PhD awards. The University announces each year how many awards are available and the procedures for allocating the award, full details can be found on the following webpage.

The WCPRS can provide up to 50% of the total costs of the studentship, while the external funder makes up the difference. Proposals involving less that 50% funding from partners cannot be considered.