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Risk Assessment for Science and Engineering (part 3)

Risk assessment will be conducted in the conventional way but the method of recording will vary. Providing as a Researcher, you can demonstrate that the controls that are being put into place are adequate for conducting the research, then this should be ‘suitable and sufficient’. Where again, the risks are identified as ‘significant’, there must be documentation that verifies these arrangements and suitable records maintained as appropriate. Reflection should be made with any Departmental or Local Rules already in place to verify if these are already sufficient. If they are, then simply reference to these whilst ensuring that the students are following the necessary precautions would be appropriate. This will be explored in the following section on Laboratory Rules, Induction, Competence and Supervision.

Risks to the environment should equally be considered and the impact on any existing Environment Agency permits (as appropriate).


Items that come under the jurisdiction of the Home Office will require specific controls to be in place such as the keeping of items within a secure environment and the keeping of records of authorised users, stock control and an annual return via the Health and Safety Department to the Home Office.


Enforcing agencies and educational accreditation bodies have their own methods for setting standards and for enforcement.



Additional Guidance