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Risk Assessment for other Academic Departments (part 2)

As well as a host of health and safety legislation, there may be sector guidance, national or international standards, codes of conduct, ethical considerations, accreditation standards and University Policies and Procedures that need to be complied with. Ensure that you verify what these are as part of the planning process before conducting your research or putting forward or supporting a research bid. A range of University Topic Guidance is available to support you as a Research Supervisor and those you are supervising.

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In terms of health and safety legislation, although there are many pieces of statute, (some of which is shown in the slide above), the common denominator is that all require some form of risk assessment. Well planned research should identify hazards, evaluate risks and should introduce controls to bring the risks down to an acceptable level. Where the risks are considered ‘significant’ there must be documentation that verifies what is required to be put ito place, how the work will be conducted, by who and where, and suitable records should be maintained as appropriate. Your Department may have their own preferred method for recording this where this applies. Departmental, Local Rules or standard procedures already in place should initially be checked to verify if these are already sufficient before generating any new documentation. If they are, then simply reference to these whilst ensuring that you and/or the students are following the necessary precautions would be appropriate. If not, then it would be expected for written information to be prepared and agreed by you as Research Supervisor.