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Research off campus or in the field

stephaniehimmer.jpgAny work being conducted off campus will be subject to risk assessment as per any other aspect of the research. The difference here will be that there will be additional risks that are outside of our control that will also need to be considered during the planning stage.

It is critical to consider who is in control and who is responsible for the management of any activities that the student(s) are going to be engaged in. Where others are in control and/or dictating the way in which the work will be conducted, information should be asked of these 'others' to establish the risk management arrangements that will be put into place to safeguard the student(s). This should be done prior to any work commencing as there may be work that the University needs to consider before they conduct the research which may include an aspect of training, the purchasing of safety equipment etc.Industry

Similarly if working on another site, questions should be raised about the environment in which your students will be working to ensure that these are considered in connection with the planned activity again to ensure that risks can be managed sufficiently. The type of environment may have a huge impact on the amount of work required at the planning stage, for example, if travelling overseas, there could be a range of issues to be resolved, such as ensuring that the student is up to date with any relevant immunisations, that they have up to date passports, relevant visas, that there is sufficient first aid provision, etc. and this is before considering the risks involved with the research work itself!

If the research is to be conducted in an unfamiliar area, with the work being in sole control of the University, then it will be the sole responsibility of the University to gather sufficient information together to identify the hazards and to demonstrate how the risks will be managed. Where this involves students under your control, then it is vital that you understand the relevant University policies and arrangements connected with:

Departments may have their own methods of recording the risk management arrangements connected with the above. Ensure that you know what these methods are if this applies to you.

Refer to Lab Rules, Induction, Competence and Supervision page if you have not done this already and take the Knowledge Quiz to complete your training.