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Programme - Assessment and feedback: strategic approaches and practical implementation

Assessment and feedback: strategic approaches and practical implementation

11.05 - 11.45

"Let's Keep Talking": How democratic are feedback practices at Warwick?
Dr Sarah Richardson (History) and Lisa Lavender (Project Officer, It's Good to Talk: Feedback, Dialogue and Learning)

According to the thematic summary on Assessment and Feedback compiled from the Institutional Review reports:

...“feedback” covers the way in which the results of assessment are communicated to the student in order to guide their development.

This definition relies heavily on the simple "transmission" model of feedback, which is linked very closely to student grading. Current research, including that from our project "It's Good to Talk: Feedback, Dialogue and Learning", suggests that the transmission model of feedback is ineffective in improving student learning . This presentation will argue that in terms of strategic direction, Warwick should consider adopting more dynamic approaches to feedback and develop practical techniques for encouraging dialogue between staff and students, and between students themselves. We will discuss some case studies demonstrating how these practices may be introduced as well as highlighting some of the best practice at Warwick taken from the Departmental institutional review reports. The student voice will be represented by brief audio clips from those who have taken part in the project including home and international students.


11.50 - 12.30

A Speaking Test to Help International Students’ Academic Performance
Mala Palanichamy and Jing Li (Centre for Applied Linguistics)

A small survey revealed that international students struggle to speak in academic contexts. My team (comprising international postgraduate students with teaching and testing experience) in the Testing and Assessment specialism at the Centre for Applied Linguistics created a test that can indicate the academic speaking proficiency of the test takers. The 15 minute test and its detailed rating scale can be used to self-assess or it can be used by tutors at pre-sessional and in-sessional programmes to design a suitable syllabus or to diagnose or to assess achievement. The talk will highlight features of the test and its rating scales.

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14.05 - 14.45

Feedback on Assessment from Two Perspectives: Training the New Marker and Student Engagement through Reflection.
Grier Palmer (Warwick Business School)

Warwick Business School, working with LDC, offers discipline-grounded training to PhDs as teachers: over the last year over 30 have been trained in two workshops on assessment and giving written feedback. Grier, as the Assistant Dean for Teaching and Learning at WBS , explains the process and reflects on results.
In several undergraduate modules in WBS, assessment and feedback has been designed to help students appreciate the educational development role of feedback, and to participate in this learning process through self reflexivity. Grier relates and consider various experiences with 2nd and 3rd year students from WBS and other departments.