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Programme - Widening Participation: outreach and inclusive teaching

Widening Participation: outreach and inclusive teaching

11.05 - 11.45

Strategies for enabling the Student as Researcher
Cathia Jenainati (English and Comparative Literature Studies)

This session explores the challenges and opportunities of teaching a new module entitled “Comparative Perspectives on Arabic Literature” which attracted unprecedented numbers of students. The module was taught using a combination of traditional and innovative teaching approaches and allowed student the opportunity to engage in non-traditional modes of assessment. This session argues that the achievement of the learning objectives of a module should not be the ultimate goal of teaching, rather it should be the minimum expectation; instead I believe that the impact of a module should be to take students’ learning forward in directions that were not planned or anticipated and that there should be a space within the assessment framework for such original, unanticipated learning to be demonstrated and appreciated.

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11.50 - 12.30

Removing the fear factor from teaching and learning: Snippets from Outreach work to undergraduate teaching
Vas Stavros (Chemistry)

One of the biggest challenges facing students of all ages, is the fear factor in teaching and learning. To many, even thought of pursuing higher education appears highly improbable. In this session Vas will present some of the work that he has been involved in that aims to convince students that they are able to overcome the fear factor and really be successful in whatever they feel passionate about.

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