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Find out more about the Teaching and Learning Showcase here or by emailing

This years' showcase took place on Wednesday 19th June 2013. The following programme includes links to presentations and videos that were captured to give you a flavour of the day. Due to technical reasons there may be some videos with lower quality sound.

The main theme for the day was 'Engaging Students' and topics covered included: creativity; beyond the classroom and using resources in new ways.

Exploring the findings of the QAA institutional review and its implications for teaching and learning - David Lamburn
(Teaching Grid)
video.ico Keynote Video
Presentation Presentation
Embodied learning: fostering creativity in open-space teaching
Stephen Purcell (English and Comparative Literary Studies)
Warwick in Africa
Sattawat Sonsin (Warwick in Africa)
Meeting in the (virtual) middle: blending online and human resources to generate a year abroad community
Cathy Hampton and David Lees (French Studies)
video.ico Embodied learning video
ppt.ico Presentation
Video Clip Warwick in Africa video
ppt.ico Presentation
video.ico Meeting in the (virtual) middle video
ppt.ico Presentation
Creative learning for student engagement
Grier Palmer and Ashley Roberts (Warwick Business School)
Using mobile video conferencing in the classroom: collapsing barriers for students with disabilities
Claire Raistrick (Warwick Medical School)

Collaborative approaches to using iPads
Sara Hattersley (Centre for Lifelong Learning)

video.ico Creative learning video
video.ico Mobile video-conferencing video
ppt.ico Presentation
video.ico Using iPads video
ppt.ico Presentation
Lunch and posters
Student as researchers and innovative critical writers
Cathia Jenainati (English and Comparative Literary Studies) and Cate Mackay (Library)

Why Moodle? Experiences from Life Sciences and Chemistry
Rebecca Freeman (Life Sciences) and Lynne Bayley (Chemistry)

Using online portfolios to reflect on the learning process during a URSS project
Nathalie Dalton-King (Student Careers and Skills) and Robert O'Toole (IT Services)
video.ico Student as researcher video
ppt.ico Presentation
video.ico Why Moodle? video
ppt.ico Presentation
video.ico Using online portfolios video
ppt.ico Presentation
pdf URSS - Warwick Undergraduate Research Internships Introduction
Quality teaching spaces: the refurbishment of the Ramphal Building 2012
Susan Brock (IATL)

MOOCs at Warwick
Emily Little (Digital Communications), Ray Irving (Warwick Business School), Amber Thomas (IT Services), Emma King (Learning and Development Centre)

How the MRC can help with your teaching: from collecting history to making history
Helen Ford (Modern Records Centre) and Thomas Bray (History)
video.ico Quality teaching spaces video
University of Warwick - Open Spaces
video.ico MOOCs at Warwick Video video.ico MRC video
ppt.ico Presentation
How ICT can impact on reflection and peer review? - Russell Stannard
video.ico Plenary video