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This year's institutional Teaching and Learning Showcase took place on Tuesday 24th June 2014. All sessions were held in Ramphal and the Main Library.

The overall theme for this year's Teaching and Learning Showcase is 'Teaching without borders'.


Themes and Venues



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See full details for these sessions

Student Collaboration

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Breakfast and Registration (Ramphal)


Keynote (Ramphal R0.12 and R0.14)

Monash Presentation can be found here.
Ashley Roberts (Senior Teaching Fellow - WBS, Warwick)
Darrell Evans (Vice-Provost Learning and Teaching - Monash)

10.40 – 11.20

Intercultural learning for employability: open-space, experiential, online

(Ramphal R1.04)
Sophie Reissner-Roubicek with Lynnette Richards and Emily Lim

Big data for social science: Teaching programming in a social science curriculum

(Ramphal R1.13)
Suzy Moat and Tobias Preis


IGGY: Postgraduate Student Mentors Supporting Innovative Teaching & Learning for an International Community of Gifted Learners

(Ramphal R1.15)
IGGY Postgraduate Student Mentors, Jo Higbee, and Jo Thomas


Sustainability in an international context

(Ramphal R1.04)
Sam Adelman

Incorporating live-ness and interdisciplinarity into case-based business education: the case of global Venice from Renaissance to the present

(Ramphal R1.13)
Rochelle Sibley, Ioanna Iordanou and Annouchka Bayley


Case-based learning: collaboration in action

(Ramphal R1.15)
Catherine Bennett, Jane Kidd, Colin Melville and Richard Tunstall


Lunch and Posters 

View Posters here 

(Ramphal Atrium; R0.12 and R0.14)


Languages@Warwick teaching environment

(Ramphal R1.04)
Teresa MacKinnon, Joerg Seifert, Katsuko Nagata, Claude Tregoat, Monica Martin-Castano

Digital tools for researchers: delivering a Moodle course across disciplines

(Ramphal R1.13)
Emma Smith, David Beck and Yvonne Budden

Sensing our world

(Teaching Grid, Main Library)
Margaret Low, Tom Preece, Arteesha Bosamia, Scott Crowther

Link to resources
Presentation (PDF Document)
Technology Volunteers


IATL Student Engagement Plenary

(Ramphal R0.12)
Jonathan Heron facilitates a panel of students reflecting upon the day. Ellen Driscoll (Law);
Matthew Kent (History); Natalia Maltseva (WMS); Cat Powers-Freeling (Philosophy)

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