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Before a new staff member starts:

(Please note that this currently refers to members of staff in CCSG & Estates only)

Use Training Matrix to identify essential training that the individual will need to complete – this will include mandatory and role-specific learning.

Example Training Matrix (Excel Spreadsheet)

Instructions for completion of Training Matrix (Word Document)

Compile Induction Checklist using the information from the training matrix. This document can be tailored to meet department and individual needs.

Induction Checklist (Word Document)

Before a new staff member starts


When a new staff member starts:

(For all staff)

Work through the Induction Checklist that has been compiled.

University Welcome Meetings happen on a regular basis and further information can be found on the Learning & Development Centre website - Welcome meeting These sessions give new starters the opportunity to find out how the University works and how to maximise the opportunities that exist to get involved in University life.

When a new staff member starts