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Accessing Information

In addition to accessing standard information via the University's publication scheme, you may make a request for specific information from the University, which the University must deal with in accordance with the FoIA.

The University has established an institutional email address ( to which your FoI queries should be directed.

Your request must be made in writing (including emails and faxes), should state your name and address and describe the specific information you seek. Please note that email is not a guaranteed delivery mechanism – as with physical post, on occasion emails do not reach their intended destination. If a reasonable period from the time of sending your request has elapsed (allowing for any postal delays in the case of hard copy requests) and you are in any doubt that your request (whether made by email or in hard copy) has been received by the University, you are advised to re-establish contact with the University.

The University should send you the information you have requested within 20 working days of receiving your request, unless one or more of the following apply:

  • The information you are requesting is exempt under the FoIA (the exemption will either permit the University to withhold some or all of the information, or allow it more time to consider the request);
  • A fee is required for supplying the information (in which case a fees notice must be sent to you detailing the amount payable, but the information need not be supplied to you until you pay the fee – note that you will have a maximum of 3 months to pay the fee from the date on which the Fees Notice is sent to you, and that if the fee has not been received by this time, the University will not be obliged to fulfil your request);
  • You have not submitted a valid request, which must be in writing, include your name and address and adequately describe the information you require;
  • Your request is determined to be 'vexatious' or substantially similar/identical to a recent request submitted by you.

In all cases, the University will advise you within the initial 20 day period of the steps that you may need to take for your request to be validated.