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Open House

A series of events in the Teaching Grid to showcase how the Library can support you in your teaching, Monday 18th to Friday 22nd September, repeating the same events each day.

11:30–12:00 An informal tour of the Experimental Teaching Space and Collaboration Area, which you can book for teaching
12:00–13:00 Talis Aspire: Editing your lists and monitoring student usage demonstration, followed by Q&A
13:00–13:30 An informal tour of the Experimental Teaching Space and Collaboration Area, which you can book for teaching
13:30–14:00 Real-time information sharing tech demo. Real-time information sharing breaks down the walls in your classroom enabling rapid responses, group work, and empowering the students.
14:00–16:00 Wednesday 20th Extended Classroom Support Workshop. The Academic Technology team are providing drop-in help and advice for staff related to their use of any of the Extended Classroom tools including Moodle, MyPortfolio, Responseware and more.


Flexible spaces for teaching and connecting

  • Engage your students by changing the scenery
  • Teach in an ideal setting by designing your space around your activity
  • Keep things moving by redesigning your space throughout your teaching session
  • Give students control over their own learning by allowing them to create their own environment
  • Flexible furniture to design the space around your activities
  • Flexible technology to augment, modify and redefine teaching & learning
  • Rooms that allow Open-Space teaching
  • Facilitate group work, performance, or student-led teaching & learning
  • Create an ideal space or a fluid, evolving, arena
  • Engage students’ bodies and minds
  • Use the Seamless Classroom to go beyond the classroom walls and engage students before and after the session
  • Book for teaching or teaching community events

Real-time information sharing tech demo

  • Share material you generate in class with your students right away
  • Capture class generated material in a starter, allow students to continue to work on the same material in groups throughout the lecture, then allow students to send their work back to you for the plenary
  • Allow students to easily work in groups
  • Provide your students with the right files at the right time
  • Gather student input before your lecture and share material with them as they walk out the door
  • Allow your students to fully engage with and participate in your lecture through co-creation"

Extended Classroom Support Workshop

  • Advice, support and information
  • Questions answered
  • Tools demonstrated
  • Problems solved

Can't make Wednesday but would like help? Please get in touch for support by email, phone or to arrange a meeting:


We will be providing cakes, biscuits, and refreshments, but not lunch. Please let us know via email, editing the text below, which sessions you would like to attend.

  • I would like to attend on Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday
  • I would like to attend the tour at 11:30
  • I would like to attend the Talis Aspire demonstration
  • I have some questions I would like to ask about Talis Aspire
  • I would like to attend the tour at 13:00
  • I would like to attend the Real-time information sharing tech demonstration
  • I would like to arrange a time to meet with my Academic Support Librarian
  • I would like to attend the Extended Classroom Support Workshop on Wednesday 20th (No booking required for this workshop, but it’s useful if we know you plan on coming)