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Covid-19 and Library services

The University is committed to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our students and staff, and we have been closely following the advice of the Government and World Health Organisation in relation to COVID-19. See University latest advice and guidance for staff, students and prospective students.

Please be assured that all changes to Library services have taken strict safety measures into account, and it is our absolute priority that the Library community are kept safe!

Latest developments

To protect the safety of our students and staff, our Library services look a little different at the moment. We will be keeping you up to date with what’s happening at the Library in relation to Covid-19 below.

  • Face mask rules have been revised (17/05/21). You must wear a face mask covering mouth and nose when visiting the library unless:
    • You are exempt
    • You are seated at a study space maintaining 1.5m distancing from other users
  • Please be reminded that:
    • All Library study spaces are currently available for individual study only
    • Keep a 1.5m distance from others at all times
    • Wash hands regularly, and sanitise your desk and equipment before and after use using the sanitisation items provided
  • We are currently operating at a reduced capacity due to social distancing guidelines. If you leave the Library buildings please take everything with you. You may need to queue to get back in
  • If you can work from home (University accommodation included), you should, and you should only travel to campus following this guidance

To help you through the Covid pandemic, we’ve brought together some of our most useful service information in one place.

Study spaces on campus - recording transcript


Hi, it's Johnny Jenkins here! I hope you're well and doing okay at the moment, during this deadline and assessment season. Welcome to this Study Happy video where we're talking all about study space on campus. Did you queue outside the Library this morning? It's pretty busy first thing and I think it's pretty busy throughout the day as well, but there are some other study spaces available. We're going to talk about some of them now and the other places which perhaps might be a bit easier for you to study at at the moment.

Let's bring in Luke Mepham, the SU President... Hi Luke, very good to see you! This is quite a big issue isn't it at the moment?


Absolutely, so it's something that obviously affects all students, all students are looking for study space And the queues outside the Library have very have been quite large over the last few weeks, mainly owing to the reduced capacity within the Library and, as you mentioned, there's so many other study spaces all around campus, so it would be good to talk a little bit more about some of those and make sure that you actually know where they are, what they're like and how you can use them!


So obviously the key other Library-managed study space is the Rootes Learning Grid just off the Piazza, between Pret and Curiositea, around that sort of area. And that's quite - it's got the study space but also a bit of a more social space, doesn't it?


Absolutely, so the layout's changed quite a lot since social distancing but the Rootes Learning Grid in the Rootes building is still open and still kind of the second busiest study space after the Library at the moment. However other areas of the Rootes building have been opened up, such as the Flexigrid in the Rootes building, previously used for circling as some of you might know it if you've been circling at Fusion and also the Panorama

rooms and the Chancellor's suite, which is traditionally used for conferences and exams, in that building are also being used for study space. That whole building is filling up quite early on in the day so it's still a good place to go if you're kind of on campus early, but there are still emptier places around campus.


Okay, well let's touch on some of those now. One of them, which I think people are put off a bit because it's five minutes down the road, is University House, which of course is where a lot of the University staff are normally based, most of them working from home at the moment. There's quite a lot of study space there?


Absolutely, so I was actually in University house a couple of hours ago and it is dead in there at the moment, it's not very busy at all. So you have got the two Learning Grids in there and also the atrium space which is obviously normally for the users of the cafe. That's all open and within the Learning Grid, you've got access to power, you've got access to some resources and also some kind of comfier places to sit in there as well. And contrary to popular belief, as you say, it is only five minutes away from the Library. It feels like it's miles away! If you live in Westwood it's even closer, but for most students on campus it really isn't much of a walk, and it's going to be a much quicker - it's probably going to be much quicker doing that walk than staying in that Library queue!


So, it's somewhere - if you haven't been before, because I know a lot of people haven't been to the physical buildings this year - it's between Westwood Campus and the Main Campus and like you say it's just a few minutes there. Am I right in thinking - I'm not on campus as you can see - am I right in thinking that the Oculus opened up some days ago for studying as well?


Absolutely yeah, so the Oculus and all the teaching rooms within the Oculus are open for quiet and individual study space. Alongside that, the University have opened loads of

other normally essentially timetabled rooms, so rooms such as in Ramphal, I believe some of the Social Sciences are open, alongside all of the traditional Grids and the Junction space as well. So there is loads and loads of space, and actually in that that link below that you can see, you can see all of the available spaces there and kind of current availability as well.


So, there's all the different spots and actually I think what we're seeing is, obviously you think of the Library, you think of the Grid in Rootes, but actually if you look a bit further afield you're going to have a more comfortable experience aren't you?


Yeah absolutely, I mean I completely understand why students might want to be in the Library, it's the central study space, it's probably the one that students in later years associate with having done exams in the past and such, but there are still so many other spaces to be used. They still have the same amount of facilities as the Library, they're still as accessible and you're just not gonna have as much of a queue, so I really would urge students, unless you need Library-specific resources, unless you need to go and look at books and such, all of these study spaces are open, and you're probably going to have a much better time.


Okay so that link, which you can see along the bottom,, you can find about the Library and non-Library spaces on campus, the locations, number of seats, opening hours, even, I'm told, 360-degree photos if that's what you'd quite like to look at! Thanks, so much Luke! Just out of interest, when you were a student, obviously now you're an officer, where was your go-to study space?


I actually used to study, being a Maths student, initially used to be in the maths undergrad work room and then when the Mathematical Sciences building opened, those balconies in there are lovely. But I actually don't think, unfortunately, any of those spaces

are open at the moment as they're all managed by departments rather than central university. Other than that, in third year I did also dip into the University House Grid, so I am a bit of an advocate for it being a nice and very quiet space.


Well there's plenty of places you can go! Thanks Luke, speak very soon! That's Luke Mepham, the SU President at Warwick. And if you'd like to find study space availability, that address once more is

 Essential information


 Using the Library remotely
 On campus for essential use only

  •  Study spaces - see which Library spaces are open and their opening times, as well as other study spaces across campus
  •  Click & Collect - All current staff and students can order up to 10 print books using our using our Click & Collect service via an online form, and then pick up their items from the collection point in Short Loan (as a reserved item) every day during Library opening hours
  •  Freepost returns - All current Warwick staff and students in the UK can post books back to us, free of charge, using our freepost returns service


    • This service is for all staff and students, and for returns from the UK only.

    How to return your books

    • Please carefully package any University of Warwick Library items into one parcel. We are unable to cover the costs of the packaging, just the postage cost
    • Email library at warwick dot ac dot uk for access to the freepost portal
    • Use the portal to generate a one-off label or QR code
    • Drop off the parcel at your nearest Collect+ point. These can be found by checking the store locator
    • When we receive the items we will process these and clear the items from your account, along with any fines accrued since March 2020

    Here is some information to help you pack your parcel(s):

    • Weight up to 10kgs per parcel
    • Maximum dimension: 60cm x 50cm x 50cm
    • If you have a lot of books you are welcome to send them in multiple parcels

    We appreciate you may not have scales to guide you in packing your books so the following info may help: a pile of 7 paperback and hardback books weighs around 5kg. So depending on size and the packing materials you have available you may be able to fit up to 10 books in a single parcel.

    • If you need to send your books in multiple parcels please enter your email address more than once to the portal to download different labels to attach to each of your parcels.
    • If you have any issues with the service, including the service rejecting the size or weight of the parcel, please contact library at warwick dot ac dot uk
  •   Scan & Deliver service - Request an individual scanned copy of one chapter (or 5%) of a monograph, or one article per issue of a journal from the Library’s collections subject to copyright permissions
  •  Postal Loans service - All current Warwick staff and students in the UK can send us the details of the Library books you need, and we’ll post them to you. The service is free!
  •  Proxy Borrowing service - The Proxy Borrowing service allows another student at Warwick to borrow/collect books on your behalf at the Helpdesk.
  •  E-resources - There are a significant number of e-resources available electronically
  •  Datastream and Eikon - Are available throughout Library opening hours. Sessions must be booked in advance
  •  Accessible Study Rooms - Bookable rooms in the main Library, and PG Hub (for PG students) are open to students registered with Disability Services
    •  Assistive Software from home - see our guidance
    • RNIB Bookshare - Students with a print disability are able to access RNIB Bookshare , an online catalogue of educational texts in accessible formats. Eligibility includes visual impairment, autism, AD(H)D, dyslexia, dyspraxia or a physical disability which affects the use of print material
  •  Check the MRC website for opening details

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  • Extended loan periods and fine amnesty loan periods - Currently, we’ve automatically extended  all loan periods and invoked a fines amnesty
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Stay safe at Warwick

See University latest advice and guidance for staff, students and prospective students.

Essential safety requirements in our spaces


  • Keep 1.5m distance at all times
  • Wear a face covering over mouth and nose unless exempt or seated
  • Wash your hands regularly and use sanitisers provided
  • Sanitise your workstation before and after use
  • Study alone (no group work allowed)
  • Keep windows open to maximise ventilation


Please contact us if you have any questions: library at warwick dot ac dot uk, and we’ll be happy to help.

You can also keep up to date with developments via social media or our news updates.