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Publications which cite archives held at the MRC - 2015


Matthew Anderson, University of Portsmouth:

A History of Fair Trade in Contemporary Britain 2015: From Civil Society Campaigns to Corporate Compliance (Palgrave Macmillan)

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Contagious Communities: Medicine, Migration, and the NHS in Post War Britain (OUP Oxford)

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Fitting in by being yourself: Avenues Unlimited and youth work in the East End c. 1960s–2000s - chapter in Diasporas Reimagined: Spaces, Practices and Belonging, eds. Nando Sigona, Alan Gamblen, Giulia Liberatore and Hélène Neveu Kringelbach (Oxford Diasporas Programme)

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The Portuguese Massacre of Wiriyamu in Colonial Mozambique (Bloomsbury)

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Feminism and Feminists After Suffrage (Routledge)

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Labouring stress: Scientific research, trade unions and perceptions of workplace stress in mid-twentieth century Britain - chapter in Stress in Post-War Britain, ed. Mark Jackson (Routledge)

Martin Minchom:

Spain's Martyred Cities: From the Battle of Madrid to Picasso's Guernica (Sussex Academic Press)

Alex Mold, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine:

Making the Patient-Consumer: Patient Organisations and Health Consumerism in Britain (Manchester University Press)

Stephanie Olsen (ed.):

Childhood, Youth and Emotions in Modern History: National, Colonial and Global Perspectives (Palgrave Macmillan)

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Chandrika Patel:

The Taste of British South Asian Theatres: Aesthetics and Production (Lulu Publishing Services)

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Hell and good company: The Spanish Civil War and the world it made (Simon & Schuster UK)

Matthew Richardson:

The Hunger War: Food, Rations and Rationing 1914-1918 (Pen & Sword Military)

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Men at Work: The Working Man in British Culture, 1939-1945 (Palgrave Macmillan)

Eugenia Russell and Quentin Russell:

Watford and South West Herts in the Great War (Pen & Sword Military)

Sarah L. Silkey, Lycoming College:

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Paul Smethurst, University of Hong Kong:

The Bicycle - Towards a global history (Palgrave Macmillan)

Dan Stone, Royal Holloway, University of London:

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Waste into Weapons: Recycling in Britain during the Second World War (Cambridge University Press)

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The Justice Women: The Female Presence in the Criminal Justice System 1800-1970 (Pen & Sword Military)

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William Whyte, St John's College, Oxford:

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Adrian Williamson:

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Britain and the breakdown of the colonial environment: The struggle over the Tanzam oil pipeline in Zambia (Business History Review, vol.88, issue 4)

Stephen Constantine, Lancaster University:

Cledwyn Hughes, MP for Anglesey – And St Helena (The Welsh History Review, vol. 27, no. 3, June 2015)

Jennifer Crane, University of Warwick:

Painful Times: The Emergence and Campaigning of Parents Against Injustice in 1980s Britain (Twentieth Century British History)

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Preparing for a Future War: Pre-War Planning in the British Post Office, 1918–1939 (History, vol.100, issue 343)

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“Slowly Becoming Sales Promotion Men?”: Negotiating the Career of the Sales Representative in Britain, 1920s–1970s (Enterprise & Society)

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Labour struggles and the formation of demands: The spatial politics of Red Clydeside (Geoforum, volume 62, June 2015)

Christopher R. Hill, Birmingham City University:

Nations of Peace: Nuclear Disarmament and the Making of National Identity in Scotland and Wales (Contemporary British History)

Diarmaid Kelliher, University of Glasgow:

The 1984-5 miners' strike and the spirit of solidarity (Soundings, no.60, Summer 2015)

Frank Land, London School of Economics and Political Science:

Early history of the information systems discipline in the UK: An account based on living through the period (Communications of the Association for Information Systems, vol.35, article 6)

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Incomes policies, welfare state development and the notion of the social wage (Socio-Economic Review)

Ann Oakley, Institute of Education, University of London:

The history of gendered social science: a personal narrative and some reflections on method (Women's History Review, vol.24, issue 2)

Amy Palmer, University of Roehampton:

Nursery schools or nursery classes? Choosing and failing to choose between policy alternatives in nursery education in England, 1918–1972 (History of Education)

Christopher Phillips, University of Leeds:

Early Experiments in Civil–Military Cooperation: The South-Eastern and Chatham Railway and the Port of Boulogne, 1914–15 (War & Society, vol.34, issue 2, May 2015)

Vincent Porter:

The slow death of a labour aristocracy: Rugby’s carpenters, 1898–1914 (Midland History, vol.40, issue 1)

John Privilege, Ulster University:

The Northern Ireland government and the welfare state, 1942–8: the case of health provision (Irish Historical Studies, vol.39, issue 155, May 2015)

Bjørn Tore Rosendahl, Stiftelsen Arkivet, Kristiansand / University of Agder:

Patriotism, money and control: Mobilization of Norwegian merchant seamen during the Second World War (Scandinavian Journal of History)

Christopher Sirrs, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine:

Accidents and Apathy: The Construction of the ‘Robens Philosophy’ of Occupational Safety and Health Regulation in Britain, 1961–1974 (Social History of Medicine, May 2015)

Peter Sloman, Churchill College, Cambridge:

Beveridge’s rival: Juliet Rhys-Williams and the campaign for basic income, 1942–55 (Contemporary British History)

James R. Vaughan, Aberystwyth University:

‘Mayhew's outcasts’: anti-Zionism and the Arab lobby in Harold Wilson's Labour Party (Israel Affairs, volume 21, issue 1)

James T. Walker, University of Reading:

Voluntary export restraints between Britain and Japan: The case of the UK car market (1971–2002) (Business History)

John K. Walton:

Revisiting the Rochdale Pioneers (Labour History Review, vol.80, issue 3)

Roseanna Webster, Manchester University:

‘A Spanish Housewife is Your Next Door Neighbour’: British Women and the Spanish Civil War (Gender & History, volume 27, issue 2, August 2015)

Noel Whiteside, University of Warwick:

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Adrian Williamson:

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Ina Zweiniger-Bargielowska, University of Illinois, Chicago:

Royal death and living memorials: the funerals and commemoration of George V and George VI, 1936–52 (Historical Research)