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University of Warwick Theses


Which theses are available?

Most higher research theses (PhDs and Masters dissertations by research) successfully submitted at the University of Warwick are transferred to the University Library for use by researchers. MBA theses are the main exception - MBA theses selected for retention are kept at Warwick Business School in the Project and Dissertations Office.

All theses administered by the University Library are listed in the Library catalogue. The 'classic catalogue' includes an option to search for Warwick theses (included in the picklist on the right side). It is also possible to browse by university department. You will need to supply the classmark (which starts 'res DIS') to request hard copies of theses to consult at the Modern Records Centre.

Please note: Some authors place restrictions on their theses which can limit access or copying. Catalogue entries will usually state when this is the case.

How to access a thesis


Some University of Warwick theses are available in electronic format - these will be identified in the library catalogue as an 'e-thesis' or 'electronic resource' and links will be included in the catalogue to the digital copy.

You can also search for digitised theses:

Paper copies of all digitised theses have now been moved to the closed access external store at Leamington Spa, and are NOT held at the Modern Records Centre. Only in exceptional circumstances will access be provided to the hard copy if the digitised copy is available - requests to remove the print copy from the external store should be made directly to the External Store Request Service.

The website of the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) provides links to online databases of electronic theses from various countries, including the USA, Canada, China, India, Pakistan, Japan and Australia.

Hard copy theses

Print copies of undigitised higher research theses are stored at the Modern Records Centre. It is not possible to borrow theses (only one copy may be in existence), but you can request and consult them in the MRC's reading room. You will need to supply the classmark (the section which starts 'res DIS' in the catalogue entry) to request a thesis - staff can usually retrieve undigitised theses from the strongrooms within 5 minutes.

As the Modern Records Centre is an archive and holds many unique and historic documents, we have restrictions on what researchers can bring into the research area - when looking at theses, you will be requested to leave your university card at the reception desk and asked not to have food, drink or bags at your table (lockers are available).

A self-service copier is available for copying from theses (provided that the author has allowed copies to be made), but the Modern Records Centre does not have facilities to add copying credits to cards.

If you would like to visit to study a thesis, please check our opening times and our location.