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General Strike Day 9: Wednesday 12 May 1926

Awaiting news at Downing Street

[Slide for a talk on the General Strike, included in the archives of Henry Sara]

We should resume our work in a spirit of co-operation, leaving behind us all malice and vindictiveness" (loud cheers; Government and Opposition)

Extract from the speech of the Prime Minister to the House of Commons, reported in the 'Evening News'

  • 12.20pm: The Trades Union Congress General Council visit Downing Street and tell the Prime Minister that the general strike is to be called off unconditionally.
  • The news is telegraphed to the BBC and broadcast during the 1pm news bulletin.
  • The King issues a message urging his subjects to join together and "forget whatever elements of bitterness the events of the past few days may have created" in order to create a lasting peace.
  • The miners remain on strike.
  • During the evening, police baton charge a crowd attending a meeting outside the Town Hall, Poplar, London. Those injured include the Mayor of Poplar.

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