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Spanish Civil War Links

Drawing of men and women marching 

More Modern Records Centre resources:

Guide to sources on the Spanish Civil War, held at the Modern Records Centre


Other digitised archive collections:

Newspapers in Spanish:

Digitised newspapers, National Library of Spain (in Spanish - index in English available)

Virtual Library of Historical Newspapers, Ministry of Culture, Spain (text available in various languages, including English and Spanish)

ABC newspaper: Editions of the Spanish conservative newspaper from 1903 onwards (in Spanish)

A list of other online newspapers, including historic papers for the Spanish regions, has been compiled on Wikipedia


British newspapers:

British Newspaper Archive: Local newspapers held by the British Library (subscription required)

The Spectator: Editions of the magazine from 1828 onwards, including news reports and comment on the Spanish Civil War

Links to several national newspapers available online on a pay-per-view / subscription basis are included in the Wikipedia list of online newspapers. University of Warwick students are able to access the Times Digital Archive free of charge.


US newspapers:

Labor Action: Newspaper of the Socialist Party of California, November 1936 - February 1937

The New International: Trotskyist "Organ of Revolutionary Marxism", 1934-1940

Socialist Appeal: Trotskyist "Organ of Revolutionary Socialism", Chicago, 1935-1937

Socialist Appeal: Newspaper of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing (i.e. Trotskyist) Branches / Socialist Workers Party, 1937-1939

A list of other online newspapers, including various for US states, has been compiled on Wikipedia.


Other written archives:

Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives, ALBA Digital Library: Online archives re US members of the International Brigade

Euskomedia (Eusko Ikaskuntza - Basque Studies Society website in English): Includes digitised archives of the politician Manuel Irujo, a Minister in the Republican government (original archives mostly in Spanish or Basque).

Fabian Society minute books (occasional mentions of Spain), LSE Library

Hansard, 1803-2005: Official report of debates in the British parliament

International Transport Workers' Federation: periodicals, minutes and reports put online by the Library of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (includes German and French language editions of 'Fascism', the ITF anti-fascist publication of the 1930s)

The National Archives: British Volunteers Lists: MI5 list of British volunteers in Spain

TUC History Online: Verbatim reports of the annual meeting of the Trades Union Congress, 1868-1968


Visual and audio-visual material:



British Cartoon Archive, University of Kent (including newspaper cartoons on the Spanish Civil War)


Children's drawings:

Columbia University Libraries: Children's drawings of the Spanish Civil War

Southworth Spanish Civil War Collection, University of California, San Diego: 'They still draw pictures': Drawings by Spanish children, c.1938



British Pathé: Film footage

Getty Images: Clips from newsreels



Spanish Civil War maps, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (in English and French)



Getty Images: Photographs

Imperial War Museum: Photographs

Photographic Archive of the Delegation of Propaganda in Madrid during the Civil War, Ministry of Culture, Spain (in Spanish)

'Shots of War': Photojournalism, Southworth Spanish Civil War Collection, University of California, San Diego



Centre d'Estudis Llibertaris Federica Montseny: CNT-FAI (anarchist) posters (in Spanish)

Imperial War Museum: Posters

Library of Congress: Spanish Civil War posters

Memòria Digital de Catalunya: posters (profiled, in English, on the Europeana website)

Portal de Archivos Españoles: Spanish Civil War posters (in Spanish)

University of Catalonia: Republican posters, most from the civil war period (in Spanish)


Sound archives:

Imperial War Museum: includes extracts from interviews with International Brigade veterans

Southworth Spanish Civil War Collection, University of California, San Diego: Spanish Civil War Memory Project: Oral history project

University of South Florida: Spanish Civil War oral histories



Southworth Spanish Civil War Collection, University of California, San Diego:


Archives which hold significant collections on the Spanish Civil War:


In Britain:

Imperial War Museum, London

Marx Memorial Library, London (including the International Brigade Archive)

People's History Museum, Manchester (including the archives of the Labour Party and Communist Party)

Working Class Movement Library, Salford

Archives Hub guide to Spanish Civil War archives in the UK


In Spain:

Portal de Archivos Españoles (in Spanish), including Portal de Víctimas de la Guerra Civil y Represaliados del Franquismo

Centre d'Estudis Llibertaris Federica Montseny (in Catalan)

Fundación de Estudios Libertarios Anselmo Lorenzo (in Spanish)

Fundación Francisco Largo Caballero (in Spanish and English)

Fundación Juan Negrín (in Spanish)

Fundación Pablo Iglesias (in Spanish)



Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives, USA

Brandeis University, USA

Hoover Institute, Stanford University, USA

International Institute of Social History, the Netherlands

Southworth Spanish Civil War Collection, University of California, San Diego, USA


Other links:

Articles and primary sources on the Spanish Civil War, part of the Modern American Poetry site (University of Illinois)

Asociación de Amigos de las Brigadas Internacionales (in Spanish)

Basque Children of '37 Association UK

Coalfield Web Materials: Welsh Miners and the Spanish Civil War

The International Brigade Memorial Trust: Includes roll of honour of British and Irish volunteers killed in Spain

Ireland and the Spanish Civil War: Articles and sources on Irish involvement in the conflict

Los Niños: Child exiles of the Spanish Civil War: University of Southampton exhibition on the Basque children in Britain

Magazines and War, 1936-1939: Online version of 2007 exhibition on Spanish Civil War print culture held at the Madrid Museum of Modern Art

The Spanish Civil War remembered: Interviews with British members of the International Brigade (Guardian article from 2000)