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Request to Deposit


If you have material that you would like to deposit with us we would be delighted to hear from you.

There are three stages to the deposit process:

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Stage 1 is all about gathering basic information about the deposit - fill in the form below and we'll get things moving. Stage 2 is about formalising the transfer of custody for the deposit through a signed transfer agreement. Stage 3 involves the transfer of your material to the Modern Records Centre so that it can be be kept safe and made available.


Depositing your collection with an archive such as the Modern Records Centre will help to preserve the material for future generations. It can also help to make material available to researchers worldwide and increase the visibility of your or your organisation's work.


Please fill in this form in order to request to deposit with us. We will assess the information and be in touch.

Contact Information
Deposit Description
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The Modern Records Centre will assume all material deposited with us is open and that we are able to make it available to researchers unless told otherwise. For records of the University of Warwick (institutional records) which are CLOSED or RESTRICTED ACCESS we need to know the Information Security Classification (see the separate section below).
It is important that the Modern Records Centre understands the legal position with regards to your deposit so that we do not break the law.
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Privacy statement
The data you provide here will only be used to assess your request to deposit with the Modern Records Centre. Personal data supplied may be used to contact you in relation to the deposit only. The data will be available to Modern Records Centre staff only and kept within a secure Archival Information Package.
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