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Exhibitions & events


Dare to be Free!

Revolt and Reform in Regency England

4 September - 29 October 2018

Our current exhibition showcases some of the late 18th and early 19th century items in the collections of the Modern Records Centre and University Library. The documents on display include contemporary sources relating to the Peterloo Massacre, early trade unionism (including the Tolpuddle Martyrs), the 1832 Reform Bill, and the broader campaigns for social and political reform between the 1780s-1830s.

Past events:

Crafting Resistance: The art of Chilean political prisoners

An exhibition co-curated by Jasmine Gideon, Birkbeck, University of London, and Gloria Miqueles, Chilean ex-political prisoner, held at the MRC between 30 October - 17 November 2017.

Community Speaker Series

The Community Speakers Series offered an opportunity for community members, independent scholars, academics, and students to come together to discuss a topic of importance or interest to the local community. Each talk was accompanied by an interactive exhibition of related archival material held at the MRC.

Open Education Series

The Open Education Series was a monthly series of events organized by students at the University of Warwick on topics that have been mostly excluded or challenge the Eurocentric academic curriculum. The series utilised the resources of the MRC, a unique archive housing primary sources on modern British social, political and economic history and allowed for attendees to engage with original source material.

Archives Alive

A project that involved working with local schools to develop pupils' research skills and encourage them to engage with primary sources.