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Call For Speakers

The Modern Records Centre, with support from the Centre for Life Long Learning, at the University of Warwick invites speakers for our new Community Speakers Series, 2015-2016.

We are looking for speakers to give short, 20-30 minutes, informal talks on topics of wide-appeal and interest to the local Coventry/Warwickshire public. The talk can be on a current issue or local history, and relate in some way to any of the collections held at the Modern Records Centre. The collections at the Centre cover a variety of subjects, such as:

  • Radical political movements and groups
  • Local peace activism
  • Pressure groups and other organizations concerned with social and penal reform, human rights, disarmament, education and health
  • Trade unions and other related organizations
  • The motor industry
  • Trade associations, employers’ organisations and related bodies
  • Twentieth century communism and the anti-imperialism
  • Post-war immigration and settlement

This is not an extensive list and we welcome suggestions on topics not listed here. To access detailed information on our collections, please consult the MRC catalogue:

We strongly encourage papers from the independent scholars, local activists, and members of the general public with interests, expertise or experience on a topic related to the theme.

To register your participation or for more information, please contact us at

Sponsored by:
The Modern Records Centre
in collaboration with
Centre for Lifelong Learning
at the University of Warwick