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Past Events

16 May 2016, 6pm

British Thomson-Houston: Narratives and Archives


The history of Rugby engineering powerhouse British Thomson-Houston takes centre stage this month at a special event at the University of Warwick. The event includes guest speakers and an exhibition of photographs, letters and pamphlets assembled from both the Modern Records Centre and Rugby Art Gallery and Museum’s collections.

Narratives and Archives focuses on British Thomson-Houston's impact on local working, social and sporting lives, as well as its technological contributions to the engineering industry in England. Guest speakers include engineering history expert Alain Foote, Anne Lockyer from the Institute of Engineering and Technology Archives (IET), and Michael Hughes from the Marconi Archives.

8 March 2016, 6pm

Women and the Global Refugee Crisis


It has been almost a year since the mass migration of refugees fleeing war and violence and seeking refuge in Europe made headline news. The
dangers and risks for refugees as they seek a safe haven are numerous; however, none more so perhaps than for the number of women and
children who, despite popular representations, are rarely discussed. On this panel, Cassie Adjei (Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre), Nof Nasser Eddin and Nour Abu Assab (Directors of the Centre for Transnational Development and Collaboration), Vicki Squire (University of Warwick), and a speaker from Birmingham Asylum and Refugee Association will discuss the gendered nature of the refugee crisis and the particular challenges facing women.

16 February 2016, 6pm

NHS: Past and Future


Photo Credit: Sam Spokony

In two years, the NHS will mark its 70th anniversary. Although one of Britain’s most celebrated institutions, it has also been one of the countries most debated and contested institutions. In this talk, Professor Anna Pollert, chairperson for South Warwickshire Keep Our NHS Public campaign, and Dr Roberta Bivins, principal investigator for the Wellcome Trust-funded project ‘The Cultural History of the NHS’, will discuss the cultural significance and politics of the NHS to British identity and society historically and today.

The Politics of Health Care in Britain

8 December 2015, 6pm

Celebrating British Black and Asian Shakespeareans

Jade Anouka as Ophelia in Hamlet, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre 2011. Photo credit: Fiona Moorhead

A Talk by Dr. Jami Rogers


Exploring the Minority Arts Archives

Thursday 26 November 2015, 6:30pm


The CND and the 1983 Deployment of Cruise Missiles at Greenham Common


A Talk by Professor James Hinton


A History of the CND and Peace Activism, 1950s-1980s