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Inquilab Zindabad: Resisting the British Raj in India

This seminar looked at two narratives of resistance to British rule in colonial India and encouraged discussion on forms of protest and resistance.

The introductory lecture has been recorded for your viewing:

Speaker: Maahwish Mizra

We have listed a sample of relevant source material below.

MSS.15B/7/116-117 1943 Indian Freedom Campaign: programme of delegate conference; Indian Freedom Campaign: declaration on India

MSS.15B/8/54 Pamphlet, '"I accuse!" From the suppressed statement of Manabendra Nath Roy on trial for treason before Sessions Court, Cawnpore, India', Roy Defense Committee of India, 1932; Press cuttings from the Indian Labour Journal and other publications.

Foreign Policy Reports

  • MSS.15X/1/86/56, vol.16, no.6: James Frederick Green, 'India's struggle for independence'
  • MSS.15X/1/86/76 vol.22, no.12: Grant S. McClellan, 'India's problems as a free nation'
  • MSS.15X/1/86/84 vol.23, no.7: Phillips Talbot, 'The independence of India'. Also includes: Lawrence K. Rosinger, 'Britain's proposals on India, June 1947'.

MSS.15X/2/566/84 Manabendra Nath Roy, 'What do we want?'

MSS.15X/2/206/1 Hyderabad State Congress, Bombay, India. Enclosed: press statement on the suspension of Satyagraha (civil disobedience) of the Hyderabad State

MSS.209/21/2/946 Extent of political repression in India not being fully reported (typescript copy) ('Time and Tide')

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All of these sources are available for use at the Modern Records Centre. We encourage you to come into the centre and examine the material for yourself.