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What is being digitised?

During 2015/16 we will be digitising several hundred documents which examine the relationship between Britain and Russia during the ten years following the Russian Revolution. They will be made freely available online (find out what has been digitised so far).

The digitised sources will include:

  • Reports of speeches and ephemera relating to the Royal Albert Hall meeting, London, and Leeds Convention called to hail the Menshevik or February Revolution in 1917
  • Reports of the Trades Union Congress delegations to Russia in 1920 and 1924, together with background papers relating to the 1924 delegation
  • Documents relating to the visits of the British trade unionist Tom Mann to Russia in 1921, 1924 and 1927, including correspondence, two notebooks and a scrapbook which includes photographs taken during his 1921 visit to Russia as a delegate to the 1st congress of the Red International of Labour Unions
  • Descriptions of visits to Russia and other areas of the Soviet Union by other individuals and delegations, published as pamphlets or articles
  • Ephemera and other material relating to the Councils of Action formed in Britain in 1920 to campaign against the threat of British military intervention in the Polish-Soviet War
  • Documents relating to the 1924 British general election and the 'Zinoviev letter', including material in the Trades Union Congress archives relating to the debates over its authenticity and a telegram to the TUC from Zinoviev, condemning the letter as a crude forgery
  • Documents relating to the proposed Anglo-Soviet treaties of 1924 and other material relating to trade and economic relations
  • Documents relating to the 1927 Arcos raid and breach in Anglo-Soviet relations, and other material relating to diplomatic relations between the two countries
  • Documents relating to the Anglo-Russian Joint Advisory Committee formed by the Trades Union Congress and All-Russian Trades Union Congress, and other material relating to relations between the labour movements of the two countries