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Political Research in the 21st Century (PO102)

The Modern Records Centre holds nationally important archive collections for the study of political, social and economic history (mostly dating from before 1990).

A small selection of publicity material from pressure groups, protest groups or lobbying organisations is shown below. Click on the thumbnail to see a pdf of the whole document. Examples of earlier material relating to British political history are included in our online resources for Governing Britain.

Reclaim the Streets

'Never mind the ballots... Reclaim the streets', April 1997

Poster for Reclaim the Streets events in London, to coincide with the 1997 general election.

[Included in the 'Miscellaneous collection'; document reference: MSS.21/3998]

National Front

'Help to restore Britain', 1998

Examples of publicity material issued by the Walsall branch of the National Front, particularly regarding race and immigration.

[Included in the archives of Wayne Ashcroft; document reference: MSS.412/W/3/1]

EWL Newsflash

'EWL Newsflash', April 2001

Bulletin of the European Women's Lobby, an umbrella organisation of women's organisations in the European Union.

[Included in the papers of Professor Catherine Hoskyns: Academic and Research Papers on Women and the European Commission; document reference: MSS.543/2/14 (file 1)]

Howard League for Penal Reform

'Emergency action on prison numbers', 2001

Press release of the Howard League for Penal Reform, a group that "works for humane reform of the penal system".

[Included in the archives of the Howard League for Penal Reform; document reference: MSS.16i/4]

International Workers Memorial Day

'A hard day's work never killed anyone... Negligent bosses did', 2003

Transport and General Workers' Union (part of Unite the Union) poster for International Workers Memorial Day, part of a campaign for the implementation of corporate manslaughter legislation.

[Included in the archives of the Transport and General Workers' Union; document reference: MSS.126/Z/379]

Make Poverty History

'2005: the year of Make Poverty History', 2005

Pamphlet containing a review of the Make Poverty History campaign in 2005.

[Included in the records of 'Make Poverty History'; document reference: MSS.551/Box 2]

University of Warwick Students Union

'Your money, your fees, and your debt...', 2008

"Essential student information" published by University of Warwick Students' Union.

[Included in the 'Miscellaneous collection'; document reference: MSS.21/3669]

Free Britain

'Free Britain: Kill the Treaty', Summer 2008

Newspaper of the Campaign for an Independent Britain, a Eurosceptic pressure group.

[Included in the 'Miscellaneous collection'; document reference: MSS.21/3693]

Hope Not Hate

'You wouldn't vote for these fascists...', 2010

Leaflet of Hope Not Hate, an anti-fascist group, issued as part of their campaign against British National Party (BNP) candidates in the 2010 European elections.

[Included in the 'Miscellaneous collection'; document reference: MSS.21/3726]

Stop the War Coalition

'Why we say stop bombing Libya', 2011

Leaflet issued by Stop the War Coalition, advertising a fringe meeting at the National Union of Journalists delegate meeting in April 2011.

[Included in the 'Miscellaneous collection'; document reference: MSS.21/3755].

Fair play for royal cleaners

'Fair pay for Royal cleaners', 2011

Leaflet issued by the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), calling for cleaning staff in the Royal Household to be paid the recommended "London living wage".

[Included in the 'Miscellaneous collection'; document reference: MSS.21/3755].

Amnesty International statement on Syria

'The Syrian Arab Republic: A crisis that demands action by the Human Rights Council', 2011

Statement submitted by Amnesy International to the 16th special session of the United Nations Human Rights Council on the human rights situation in Syria.

[Included in the archives of Amnesty International; document reference: MSS.34B/4/MDE24/18/2011]

A manifesto for business

London Mayoral election: A manifesto for business, 2012

Business manifesto of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), "the voice of business", addressed to the Mayoral candidates.

[Included in the archive of the CBI; document reference: MSS.200/C/4/2012/4]

GM wheat

'GM wheat: What's happening and what you can do', 2012

Leaflet issued by GM Freeze, "the campaign on GM food, crops and patents".

[Included in the 'Miscellaneous collection'; document reference: MSS.21/4073]