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School visits - Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick

The Modern Records Centre hosts a wealth of resources, with archives dating back to the mid-19th Century. The collections it holds appeal to a variety of audiences and can be developed for a range of ages and interests. We offer sessions for schools and colleges, which give students an introduction to archives and allow them to interpret authentic documents first hand. We have found that handling our archives creates a personal connection to history, an invaluable opportunity for the students. Through visits to the MRC and archive sessions, we hope to inspire an enthusiasm towards history and encourage students to pursue these interests through higher education.

Student with poster

We’ve had some excellent responses from our previous visits:

Students were shown the background information – how to find resources. Excellent range of resources. Provided opportunities for further research"

We were able to work together in groups and use the real archives to gather information. It’s something we have never been able to do before"

I really enjoyed it and would love to do similar activities in the future!"

It allowed me to fully identify with the people affected by events in history!"

We offer a choice of:

A Level Sessions

Schools Sessions Years 9-11