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A Level Sessions

The MRC hosts sessions for A Level students interested in using primary sources in their research projects. We have a vast amount of authentic material on a wide range of subjects.
These sessions are really important for history students, as understanding archives and engaging with primary material is fundamental to studying history. It also promotes a personal connection to the past through unique and often sensitive material.

We cater our A Level sessions to each group. Therefore, we ask that you book in advance so that we are able to prepare specific materials for your chosen topic(s). Past topics include:

• Women’s History – with a focus on WWI as a catalyst for change in terms of women’s politics, fashion and rights

• Russian History: on war and revolution and the extent to which one follows the other between the years 1845 and 1945

• Russian History: use of terror as a means of control

You can read more about this A Level session in our blog.


Lengths of sessions are negotiable and we can host up to 15 students at the MRC.

For more information or to book a session please contact us.