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1) Can Creative Writing help me with my academic writing?

Creative writing encourages you to explore different topics, write in unfamiliar styles and focus on organising your thoughts into clear sentences and paragraphs, this may improve your confidence and skills in writing generally and therefore also in your academic writing.

2) I am a STEM student, can I still join this group?

We will be exploring ways in which we can write about topics which really interest us. A lot of great writing exists on topics related to STEM subjects and so all students will be able to pursue what ever type of writing they have a passion for. We will be looking at fictional responses and non-fictional responses to issues.

3) I don’t consider myself to be very good at Creative Writing, I’m worried everyone else will have lots of experience.

We all suffer from nerves when thinking about writing as none of us think our writing is good enough. This will be a supportive group where we will explore examples of writing and, if we want to, have a go ourselves. Some of us will be taking first steps into writing, which is very exciting.

4) Do I need to know what I want to write about before I come along?

Some people know exactly what they want to write. Some people...change their minds and some of us have no idea what we want to write. All approaches are welcome.

5) Who runs the sessions?

Vanwy MacDonald Arif will be leading the sessions. Vanwy is a mature student in her second year of a taught writing M.A. Vanwy used to write short stories and novels and now writes non-fiction, so she is a good example of how writers can change their minds.

6) What do I need to bring with me?

An open mind, a willingness to explore and a desire to be supportive of others are three great things to bring along. Everything else will be provided.

7) Do I need to sign up?

No need to sign up, just turn up. Find out when our next session is here