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Postgrad Realities Drop-Ins

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Drop in online for tips, techniques and information to help you through your studies.

Next session: Mindfulness
Wednesday 1st December, 2pm-2:30pm
Online via Microsoft Teams

Postgraduate study is a huge challenge both academically and personally. Some days you'll feel like you're breezing through it, some days you'll feel like you're making no progress - some days you'll feel both at the same time!

Join us every three weeks for a drop-in session learning and using some of the tips and techniques from our online course Postgrad Realities. In these drop-ins, we'll be looking at everything from self-organisation, the importance of a work-life balance, how to stay motivated and how to overcome perfectionism.

Join in with some interactive online activities that will help you think about how you work, think, and approach your studies - and ask our advisor from Wellbeing Support Services any questions you may have.

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Postgrad Realities

Postgrad Realities is our set of online modules providing you with the tools you’ll need to tackle the twists and turns of your postgraduate journey and help you reach your finish line.

Access the course via Moodle, and then work through the short modules at your own pace.