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Write Here, Write Now

Are you struggling to concentrate, and get "in the zone" with your work?

Our minds work best in short, focused intervals, eliminating all distractions for a while to avoid procrastination.

Write Here, Write Now focused work sessions promote quiet study time, alongside breaks when you can chat to other students and grab some free refreshments.

Summer sessions have run on Wednesday 12th July and Wednesday 16th August. We also run Write Here, Write Now - Creative Planning events, so check back in the Autumn for our new programme!

How the session runs

Loosely based on the Pomodoro technique® developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s, the structure of the sessions are:

  • 25 minutes of focused work - silence your mobile and email and get on with writing and research
  • 5 minutes break - chat to neighbours and grab a tea or coffee
  • Repeat!

The purpose of the session isn't to give advice on the content or style of your writing - just to give you the time and space to work effectively, and to help you to structure your study time.