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Write Here, Write Now Online

Join us on Microsoft Teams for some focused productivity!

Are you struggling to concentrate? Is working from home preventing you from getting "in the zone" with your work?

Our minds work best in short, focused intervals - eliminating all distractions for a while to avoid procrastination.

Join us at Write Here, Write Now Online every Tuesday and Friday, 9:30am-12:30pm for some focused work sessions, and chat to other postgrads during the breaks!

How the session runs

Loosely based on the Pomodoro technique® developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s, the structure of the session is:

  • 50 minutes of focused work - turn your microphone and camera off, leave Teams on in the background
  • 10 minutes break - turn your microphone and camera back on and join us for a break
  • Repeat!

The purpose of the session isn't to give advice on the content or style of your writing - just to give you the time and space to work effectively, and to help you learn how to structure your study time.

Aicha, our mentor is a big fan of Write Here Write Now, watch the video to know more why she loves the activity!

Get involved

Would you like to organise an event in the Postgrad Hub?

Is there a specific event you would like us to include in our postgrad programme?

Send us your ideas and suggestions to pgcommunity at warwick dot ac dot uk or talk to a member of staff at the Postgrad Hub.

If you have any feedback on our events or spaces please complete our short survey.