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PGR Tea(chers)

Mugs next to laptop and books and link you a GTA who teaches? Want to talk to others about your experiences?

Our next PGR Tea(chers) will open with a lightning talk by Sat Kaur (School of Law) on 'Beginning to Teach: Expectations and Experiences'. This will be followed by a peer-to-peer discussion that could lead pedagogically anywhere.

If you're a GTA and want to talk to others about your experiences, or, haven’t had the chance to teach but are interested in what it’s like to teach, then please do join us.

Head to the Postgraduate Teachers Channel on Wednesday 28th April, 3pm-3:45pm to attend - don't forget to bring a hot drink and a snack!

Feedback from previous meetings

"Its fast pace allowed for quick and reactive exchanges, its horizontality meant that everybody was welcome to intervene freely"

"Really great to hear from people with much more experience than I sharing their advice…"

"I truly enjoyed the session; I found the experiences the other PhDs shared very useful and I will definitely try their advice next time I teach. Also, the session was short and enjoyable!"

Window on Teaching: Community of practice

Four students in the Library's Teaching Grid

Keep up to date on the latest teaching experiences in a supportive community of practice at Window on Teaching.

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