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Library Search

Simple search, scholarly results

Library Search allows you to find books, articles, journals, databases, films and more plus unique local resources from the Modern Records Centre and Warwick Digital Collections.


You can search our specialist databases for articles and other types of content (reports, images, financial information, standards, etc.) relevant to your subject area:

Online reading lists

Search for your module code or title to find your reading list (currently only available for some departments). If your reading list isn’t yet available here please see your departmental module page or ask your tutor. Scanned chapters and articles are still available via the Course Extracts service (see below). See more information about reading lists for staff

Go to reading lists

Course Extracts

For students:

Course Extracts are chapters and articles that have been digitised for your course. Your Course Extracts are listed under the name of your department.

Please note: you can access only the extracts of the modules for which you have enrolled.

Go to Course Extracts

For staff:

Changes to Course Extracts – Digitisation of articles or book chapters
If you already have Course Extracts:
Please note that changes are taking place to the Course Extracts scanning service during summer 2017 with all links to content changing. More information on course extracts.
If you require Course Extracts for your 2017/18 Reading List:
Simply add a note for the Library in Aspire against any book chapters or articles on your reading list for 2017/18 that you wish to be scanned. We will process this for you, subject to licence restrictions, and link to the items. You will not need to fill out a separate Course Extracts request form if you use Aspire.

For any other queries about resourcing your modules please get in touch with your Academic Support Librarian.

Further information about the Course Extracts Digitisation Service.

Contact us:
Resource Delivery
The Library
University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Road Coventry
Tel: 024 7652 4134
Email: clascan at warwick dot ac dot uk


Search the catalogue of the Modern Records Centre for primary sources and documents held in the archive collections:

For guidance and one-to-one help please contact us.

Warwick Digital Collections

Search for documents, archives or Special Collections materials which have been digitised, e.g the Archive Vault, primary resources for modules taught in History, Politics, Economics and Sociology:

Additional information about the collections which have been digitised.


The Warwick Research Archive Portal (WRAP) is the University’s open access archive. It contains material produced by researchers at the University on all subject areas. Material available through WRAP includes journal articles, conference papers, working papers, and PhD theses, all in full text. These are available from anywhere in the world without any need to log in or pay a fee.

Publications service

The University of Warwick Publications service is a showcase of the research outputs of the University. The service complements WRAP as it includes descriptive records of material produced by Warwick’s researchers that we have not been able to host in full.

If you are a Warwick researcher and you would like to include your work in WRAP or the Publications service, please see details on how to deposit, or to contact us.

Beyond the Library

If you are unable to find the information you require from within the Library you might be able to use one of the following services to search for or source material from elsewhere.

You can use the following catalogues to search for material held at other libraries:

  • COPAC searches over 70 UK and Irish academic, national and specialist library catalogues
  • The British Library: Search both the British Library's collections and website
  • WORLDCAT searches thousands of libraries around the world

You may also want to find out about Using other libraries

You can use the following services to request material that you have found which isn’t currently available from the Library:

  • Article Reach is a free service which enables current staff and students to obtain journal articles that are not held by the University of Warwick. It is made up of an international consortium of academic libraries, who agree to share certain resources with other member institutions
  • Document Supply can help you get access to a wide range of material not held by the Library. Books are generally supplied on loan, whilst photocopies of journal articles are provided for you to keep
  • Book suggestions - You are welcome to suggest books for purchase using this form. Your request will be passed on to the relevant Academic Support Librarian, who will contact you if they decide not to purchase the book