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Digitisation request

Please supply the details below and you will receive a reply with either a link to the scanned extract, or a report detailing the reasons why it cannot be scanned under the Copyright Licencing Agency's (CLA) scanning licence.

You can assess the suitability of the extract yourself using our checklist if you wish. Doing these checks beforehand could save you the time of filling in the form for an item that cannot be scanned.

  • Students enrolled on one module are not permitted to download or print the extracts page of another module. If the same extracts are needed for more than one module please indicate so in your scanning requests, so that a dedicated page of extracts can be made for each module
  • The CLA have advised that selecting the core chapters from a textbook to make these available to students independently as Course Extracts or in a Course pack may obviate the need for a student to purchase that book. This could affect publisher primary sales of books to students and so would be a breach of the CLA HE scanning licence agreement.

Please submit a separate form for each extract you require.


About the extract to be scanned


About the original publication from which the extract is taken

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