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CLA licensed image scanning

Under our CLA licence, the Resource Delivery team can scan images from UK items in library stock, including copyright fee paid photocopies obtained through document supply and placed in Short Loan. These images can be either the image of a whole page, or of part of a page.

Staff can submit a request using an online form and they receive a reply with either an explanation of why the request is not covered by the licence, or a link to the scanned image, which will be hosted on a Library web page for that particular module. You can then incorporate the image directly on your SiteBuilder2 web page.

When filling in the online request form, please bear in mind the following:

  • You may find it useful to contact the Resource Delivery team in order to discuss your special requirements prior to submitting the online form
  • You can submit one single form for all the images you want from the same book or journal issue, instead of one form for each image
  • Please indicate clearly which pages you want scanned up to 5% of the number of pages of the book or journal issue
  • Unless otherwise indicated, we will assume that you want a whole-page image. If you require part-page images, the best is to send us a photocopy with marks indicating which part of the page you need
  • However, if what you require is figures with their captions only, you may simply indicate so and list their figure numbers and their page numbers
  • If you require the images to be produced to a particular size in pixels, please could you indicate that as well. In any case the maximum sampling rate to which we could scan is 600dpi
  • Please indicate any file format requirements. (IT Services have training notes covering the use of different image file formats.)

We can either provide you with a single PDF file. which will have as its first page a copyright notice and then each of the pages, or part-pages, which you choose from the original, or we can produce a single image file of each such page, or part of a page, but each of these separate images will bear its own copyright notice as a watermark caption on the extended canvas of the image file itself.

Scanning often has to wait until a library copy is returned in good condition for scanning, i.e. without obstrusive marks or missing pages. So, you are very welcome to lend us your copy for doing the scanning.

See also our guidelines about the use of such images on Powerpoint presentations.