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Check before you submit

Comply with the UKRI Open Access policy for articles

Here we guide you through the steps we advise you to make to ensure your article meets the UKRI OA requirements. It allows you to view all the scenarios.

Step 1: Is the journal you want to submit to covered by a ‘Read and Publish’ Agreement? See a list of 'read and publish' agreements.

If yes, go to step 4.

If no, go to step 2.

Step 2: Is the journal Gold Open Access only?

This means that you have to pay an APC to publish in this journal and cannot publish in it otherwise. Open journals should state that they are Open Access on their journal home page and should be listed in the Directory of Open Access journals.

If yes, go to step 3.

If no, go to step 3a.

Step 3 : Apply for an APC

You will need to apply for an APC at submission.

If complete, go to step 4.

Step 3a: Green Open Access

If the journal is not recognised by Jisc as committed to changing to full Open Access, you are unlikely to get funding for an APC. Your journal must appear in this JISC Sherpa list for you to be eligible to use the UKRI block grant. However you may be able to make use of the university's limited institutional fund. Proceed to submission of your article but you will need to rely on Green open access.

To apply for an APC, fill out the Open Access funding request.

If complete, go to step 4.

Step 4: Submission of your article

  • Use your university email address
  • Add this UKRI rights retention statement to your manuscript (usually in the funding acknowledgement section):

"This research was funded in whole or in part by the [Funder], [Grant number]. For the purpose of open access, the author has applied a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence (where permitted by UKRI, ‘Open Government Licence’ or ‘Creative Commons Attribution No-derivatives (CC BY-ND) licence’ may be stated instead) to any Author Accepted Manuscript version arising from this submission.” This applies to all AAMs regardless of whether the article is in a Read and Publish journal, in receipt of APC funds or neither of these.

This is your "safety net" and ensures that your article will comply.

If you are ok with this move to the next step.

Step 5: Data Access statement

You need to produce a statement that informs readers where the underlying research materials associated with your article are available, and how the research materials can be accessed. The statement should include links to the dataset, where applicable and appropriate. Research materials are defined in the Concordat on Open Research.

Your data management plan will enable you to write this statement.

If you are ok with this move to the next step.

Step 6: At the point of acceptance

Use the WRAP simple deposit form, to ensure your paper is eligible for the REF-after-REF2021.

This is your safety net and ensures that your article will comply.

If you are ok with this move to next step.

Step 7: When your article is published

Check your article on the publisher journal webpages.

  • Does the journal state your article is Open Access? Is the correct CC-BY licence clearly displayed? If not contact your publisher
  • Update the WRAP record with the final publication details or contact publications at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • Use the DOI to disseminate news about your work


For more help with your decision making, or to let us know how we can improve this information please email openaccessfund at warwick dot ac dot uk.