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Window on Teaching community of practice

Students chatting in the Library

Community of practice

Peer-led discussions on experiences at Warwick

  • Make connections with your community over lunch
  • Be inspired by what’s possible
  • Hear from colleagues about their experiences of teaching at Warwick
  • Share successes and failures in a supportive community of practice
  • Learn what you could do next from others’ experiences

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Recent sessions

Valentina Donzella

The power of play in higher education

Valentina Donzella

Is fun the key for learning? This session explores the use of games for teaching in higher education.

Devon Allcoat

Teaching with virtual and mixed realities: impacts on learning, emotion, and student engagement

Devon Allcoat

This session looks at how Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) can be applied to learning environments, and the potential benefits of the technology.


Silvija Jestrovic

Teaching theory through practice

Silvija Jestrovic

Silvija discusses a set of methodologies for using practice in seminar modules as teaching tools that she calls performing theory.


Stephen Purcell

Students set the syllabus

Stephen Purcell

Allowing students to pick their own Term 2 texts ensures a real diversity to the syllabus, and encourages students to take ownership of their subjects.


Debbi Marais

Enhancing employability in PGT students

Debbi Marais

Debbi reflects on the use of two new modules for PGT students at WMS that endeavor to enhance the employability of students in different ways.

Wed 22 Jan, '20
Race, Power and Community – building engaged communities within and beyond the classroom
Collaboration Area, Teaching Grid, Floor 2, Main Library

Meleisa Ono-George

Mark Hinton

For two years we led a second-year interdisciplinary undergraduate module, “Race, Power and Community” with the specific purpose of engaging our students in anti‐racist pedagogy. The module aims to: facilitate understanding of the history of modern conceptions of “race”; discuss the operation of race and its impacts in our lives and communities; and strategise how we, as individuals, can move ourselves and others from a place of trying to be “non‐ racist” to a place of active anti‐racism.

In this Window on Teaching, we will critically reflect on the challenges and successes in designing and co‐teaching an interdisciplinary module on the history of “race” and racism and its legacies within British communities today. We will invite participants to return with us to the key questions that shaped the intended learning outcomes, namely: How can we employ an anti‐racist pedagogy within a university classroom that challenges teachers and students to reflect on “race” in their lives and within their communities? Is it possible for the history of “race” and racism to be taught in a way that is both academically rigorous and transformative for the students and teachers? How do we build engaged community in classrooms that can face the discomforts of this kind of learning?

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