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Window on Teaching community of practice

Community of practice

Peer-led discussions on experiences at Warwick

  • Make connections with your community over lunch
  • Be inspired by what’s possible
  • Hear from colleagues about their experiences of teaching at Warwick
  • Share successes and failures in a supportive community of practice
  • Learn what you could do next from others’ experiences

Want to present a Window on Teaching session? Please contact teachinggrid at warwick dot ac dot uk

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Recent sessions

Chloe Agg

Roundtable: Remote Laboratory and Practical Teaching During a Pandemic

Chloe Agg, Gavin Bell, Miriam Gifford, Dani Pearson

In this roundtable colleagues from the STEM community at Warwick, from Chemistry, Physics, the School of Engineering, and the School of Life Sciences, share and reflect on their experiences of remote laboratory and practical teaching during the pandemic.

Amy Stickels

About Vevox - an interview with Amy Stickels

Amy Stickels

In this interview, Amy provides a range of reflections and advice about using Vevox, including how to get started, which features she finds the most useful, and tips about how to get the most out of them.

CLL Student Support Team

Students as Partners

Michele Underwood

This session is run by a staff-student partnership and provides a reflective discussion about the benefits and the challenges of pursuing a Student as Partners framework within HE.

Student Support Team

Rethinking Student Support

Anil Awesti, Lauren Elmore, and Elaine Moore

Reflecting on the rethinking of student support within the Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) as a means of assisting students in their teaching and learning experiences.

Callum Thornton


Callum Thornton

This session looks at what can be learnt from Sonkei (尊敬), Japanese for "respect", focusing on the importance of the teacher-student relationship.